Roads & Railways

Railways and roads are vital for a country's transportation infrastructure and economic growth. Early detection and preventive maintenance are crucial to avoid structural failures. Proactive inspection, aided by advanced technologies like drones, helps identify issues in tracks and road surfaces. Promptly addressing defects ensures safe and efficient transportation. Implementing preventive maintenance practices extends infrastructure lifespan, reducing long-term costs and enhancing reliability. By investing in early detection and preventive maintenance, countries can ensure reliable transportation networks that support economic growth and connectivity.


Planning new roads or rail routes involves feasibility assessments, obtaining topographical information, and optimizing costs, while monitoring is crucial for ensuring their safety and functionality. However, these exercises are often carried out using traditional, time-consuming manual methods, hindering the growth of the area. Embracing advanced technologies such as digital mapping, satellite imagery, and aerial surveys can provide accurate data for informed decision-making. Implementing real-time monitoring systems and sensors enables proactive maintenance, enhancing the network's safety and durability. By adopting modern techniques like Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and remote sensing, the efficiency and effectiveness of these exercises can be improved, facilitating the growth and development of the transportation infrastructure.

We Provide

UAVs or drones, if deployed in planning, constructing and monitoring activities of roads and railways can cut down the cost dramatically and capture the data with lot more accuracy too.

Why We?

  • Orthophoto and automated inspections enable precise digitization and measurement of every centimeter of railway tracks.
  • Real-time information provided by our drone solutions enhances collaboration across teams and geographical locations.
  • Our drones can cover a large perimeter quickly, eliminating the need for a manned team to cover vast areas.
  • Our services reduce safety concerns as there is no need for workforce to work at heights.
  • Estimating earthwork, which would take a survey team over a week, can be completed in just two days with greater accuracy using our services.
  • We offer high-definition footage, including pictures and videos, with the option for live streaming.


  • Topographical surveys
  • Local inspection of site
  • Map/Plan Overlay
  • Digital surface model with accurate elevation details
  • Compatible 3D Model with a point cloud and mesh data of the entire area with high accuracy
  • Digital terrain model with contours at cm level interval
  • Maintenance and monitoring of the network
  • Monitoring during the construction phase