Web GIS Portal for Tourism Information - Tourism Asset Management - Decision Support System
The Domestic and Foreign Tourist Visits to States and UTs during 2020 statistics from the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India -
– The top ten States/UT in terms of number of domestic tourist visits (in millions) during 2020, were Tamil Nadu (140.65), Uttar Pradesh (86.12), Karnataka (77.45), Andhra Pradesh (70.83), Telangana (40.00), Maharashtra (39.23), West Bengal (28.84), Madhya Pradesh (23.52), Gujarat (19.46) and Punjab (16.69).
– The top ten States in terms of number of foreign tourist visits (in millions) during 2020 were Maharashtra (1.26), Tamil Nadu (1.23), Uttar Pradesh (0.89), Delhi (0.68), West Bengal (0.46), Rajasthan (0.45), Punjab (0.36), Kerala (0.34), Bihar (0.31) and Goa (0.30).
Andhra Pradesh state that is rich in historic, nature based and pilgrimage sites and known for its spicy cuisine and hospitable people is a popular spot for domestic tourists but unfortunately not for foreign tourists. Thus, highlighting a major lack in online digital presence of the tourism sites and their importance.
In the endeavour to maximise the tourism revenue, increase visibility of the places and efficiently manage the assets, the Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (APTDC) proposes development of Web GIS Portal for Tourism Information, Tourism Asset Management and Decision Support System. Web GIS Portals are used for marketing and promotion of tourism and have the potential to improve -
– Destination management activities like planning, development, marketing, promotion, delivery, coordination and monitoring
– tourism-related entrepreneurship and related activities
– promotion of local arts and crafts industry including bidriware, brassworks, traditional toy making, textile making etc.
– direct promotion and commercialization of local tourism offerings in international markets reducing dependence on big foreign intermediaries.
Web GIS Portal will map all the properties and destinations in Andhra Pradesh in one place. The benefits of this proposal are three fold.

1. Tourism Information:
Tourists can better plan their trips with useful information like distance between places, commute options, hotel accommodations and neighbouring attractions. Access to this vital information online reduces the costs for printing (for tourist) and promotion material (for the authorities). The managing authorities can efficiently build on this collected base data and introduce innovative ways to update new destinations periodically, plan tourism circuits, introduce promotional campaigns and build in transparency to the whole mechanism. The current tourism map (shown here) needs to be updated based on new developments and this exercise made via Web GIS Portal would unlock huge potential and aid the state’s tourism sector.

2. Web GIS based Tourism Asset Management:
Department of Tourism can easily track the inventory of the assets including land, hotels and restaurants using the Web GIS portal. The database enlists the sub-assets of each identified asset and provides details on location, area, amenities, utility status, structural health etc. This digital documentation will avoid the drawbacks in manual handling of asset information and aid in the efficient tracking of departmental assets, their management and ensure proper maintenance with respect to infrastructure enhancement. The authorities will also be able to optimize allocation of assets to augment return on investments; and provide investment opportunities in PPP for further developing the industry as a vital cog in the State's economy.

3. Web GIS based Decision Support System (DSS)
The portal will provide authorities a solid database to make key decisions, especially in tourism policy and infrastructure development. It will provide a transparent mechanism to track information on visitor movement, numbers, travel patterns and choice of stay. This raw data will enable identify and measure determinants that influence travel decisions allowing the authorities to profile growing areas of potential and tourism trends. The authorities can now measure the effects of marketing activities, initiatives and campaigns; monitor industry satisfaction of tourism operators, In addition to the multiple benefits listed here, the Web GIS portal will enhance the whole travel experience in the state by acting as a one stop solution for Smart management through introduction of CRM and ERP platforms. These platforms create database of tourists, travel agencies, hotels, airlines and transportation companies. Multiple travel agencies (red bus for example) can share access to the system which will not just aid tourists but also generate revenue for the authorities. Travel packages and online payments (PhonePay, Paytm, etc.). can all be managed through this portal.

Funding Agency: Andhra Pradesh Tourism
URL : http://www.aptourism.gov.in/gis/