What is Augment Reality?
If you own a smartphone, such as an iPhone or Android, you probably have an app that uses augmented reality (AR). This technology superimposes digital information on whatever you're looking at through your phone's camera.
These types of AR apps usually combine an assortment of miniaturized technology devices—optical sensors, accelerometers, GPS, gyroscopes, solid state compasses—along with context-sensitive information, that is delivered as a web service. The service content may be displayed as location-based labels (or billboards) that hover over or in front of objects you see through the camera display. The labels usually present additional information, including photos, but often provide reviews and contact information for things like restaurants, Wi-Fi hot spots, or houses for sale. You might use AR apps to discover and learn more about objects around you.
Some AR apps allow you to use your phone camera to perform sophisticated measurements of distances and angles or even track cosmological events such as the azimuth of the sun. Still other AR apps amazingly recognize patterns in photos, diagrams, and bar codes that then link you to additional content or services, such as product reviews, price comparisons, or videos.
Seeing GIS Data Using AR
GIS data is already a source of spatially enabled information that can be fed directly to your mobile device. Your phone knows where it is, the direction the camera is facing, and the inclination of the device in your hand. This information, combined with GIS data, not only adds to the end user's experience but also makes GIS accessible in a new and interesting way. Imagine that you could point the camera on your phone at the ground and see the location and orientation of water pipes and electric cables buried under the ground because your AR app is cross-referencing the GIS system with your location and giving you a kind of x-ray vision so that you can visualize the infrastructure that is underneath you.
Our Speciality
Cross platform Marker/Markerless AR Application Development
BIM integrated AR Development
GIS integrated AR Development
GISFY team has built 3D BIM based application and deployed at (APCRDA) Andhra Pradesh Captial Regional Development Authority.
Funding Agency: APCRDA