What is Real Time Operations Management?
Built to be simple to use in the field and powerful in the back office, GeoViewer map-based Enterprise Operations Management is the fastest, most diverse & maintenance free cloud-based solution for local government, and private organizations. Whether you simply want to stop using paper for your work orders, utilize your GIS data, integrate your billing & inventory systems, monitor water quality in real time, or run an analysis to predict pipeline failures, GeoViewer has the solution for you.
Features of Real Time Operations Management
  • Managing many stand-alone systems is hard when they all operate in silos, or as individual systems. Paper based systems are cumbersome, work intensive, often unorganized, and inefficient.
  • GeoViewer Online unifies these areas of your operations, from managing work orders, to assets, to costs, inventory and customer billing. Bringing together these systems allows organizations across the world to better manage field crews, accountability, reporting, and analysis.
  • With GeoViewer Online, it’s easy to manage the daily workload for the organization. Create, change, assign and review work orders, inspections, service orders before or during in-field and see tasks through completion.
  • GeoViewer’s Map based interface brings GIS data into focus, allowing you to utilize the data that you already have, while allowing you to edit, add information to, and analyze.
  • You can also see historical information as well as As Built and CAD Drawings tied to the location, asset, or work order.
  • GeoViewer online integrates with Nobel Systems Connected pressure and water quality monitoring devices, where you can manage pressure and water quality IoT immediately, if there are any changes, GeoViewer notifies you.
  • Analysis is a key piece to the power of GeoViewer.
  • Maintenance BI and GIS Reporting not only allows you to break down your results to the granular level.
  • Manage daily work or analyze events over time with a Heat Map, providing a visualization tool to analyze problem areas.
  • Completing field work is simple with GeoViewer Mobile’s lightning fast and intuitive mobile dashboard.
  • button driven dashboard makes finding and completing field-based assignments easier and more error proof than ever!
  • Easily see work for the day via GeoViewer’s Mobile Real-Time Field Operations Management.
  • There is no more need for paper driven processes or long reports that need to be written when the day is complete.
  • The GIS or map-based system delivers rich tools that allows for easy visualization.
  • Many processes can be color coded to show completed work vs. outstanding assignments.
  • No connectivity? No problem. GeoViewer functions the same in a disconnected environment.
  • GeoViewer focuses on bringing high tech to water operations , all while making it simple to communicate and complete work. Siri integration, ‘best-route’ multiple stop routing, instant messaging, report creation, and real time work updates delivers innovative ways to manage your work in teal time.
  • You can even change asset locations whenever a correction needs to be made by using maps and satellite imagery and add a new asset if necessary.
  • Instantly create and complete work orders directly from the field.
  • Large Buttons make it easy to navigate, even for a technology novel.
  • Integration with existing ERP business systems, SCADA, CMMS, CIS, GPS, LIMS, and other enterprise systems allows your organization to manage information ranging from open work orders from CMMS to viewing latest SCADA measurements on telemetry equipment.
  • GeoViewer offers a simple way to determine and track costs within the system. With the ability to have field workers automatically calculate costs and immediately sending the information to the office, determining and analyzing cost is simple.
  • With GeoViewer’s feature rich Extension Modules, the power of operations management is right at your fingertips. Add functionality that is specific to your needs and expand the already powerful GeoViewer Online and Mobile solution.