What is Hydromet Application?
Hydromet Application provides secure real-time data access of automated weather stations. This includes the backend infrastructure to receive, ingest, decode, process, display, and store measurement data from nearly any remote automated weather station.
Hydromet Appliccation provides a secure web-page for users to view their data graphically, on a map or in tabular and report forms. Conversely, if you prefer to do your own processing, Hydromet Application delivers raw data (as it is transmitted by the station) using a dedicated, secure download page, updated immediately as your data arrives.
Anytime access to current and historic measurement data collected from remote hydrometeorological monitoring stations.
  • Secure password protected log-in for multiple users
  • User-established management / administration
  • Measurement data backed-up in the cloud and stored for at least one year

Quickly view current data to check current conditions and know the station is running properly
  • Map view, based on Google Maps, provides quick view of station location and most recent station data
  • Station tab provides quick access to current and recent data, including graphs
  • Design your own dashboard to quickly view and export current and recent measurement data
  • Customize mobile App to quickly view select stations or sensors

Plot data to view and analyze recent and historic trends to identify how the data is trending and the duration of the trend
  • Quickly plot predefined range (ex: 24 hrs, 2-day, 7-day, month, etc or customized date range)
  • Compare current or recent measurements from multiple sensors or stations
  • Create and save custom plot templates using the mobile App to quickly view current and historic measurement data from one or more sensors

Receive automatic alarm messages via email, text message, or voice message for sensor values triggering alarm limits
  • User definable value limits, rate of change limits, and alarm groups
  • Automatic limit checking includes data value andrate-of-change limits
  • Separate limits can be set for warning/critical levels
  • Colored coded (green, yellow, red) map pins, data values,and limit lines based on received alert and level

Create and download custom data reports in tabular or graphical format
  • Export predefined range (ex: 24 hrs, 2-day, 7-day,etc…) or customized date range
  • Export data report as an Excel or OTT MIS file
  • User configurable Dashboard to retrieve frequently viewed data displayed as a plot, table, or values
  • Use mobile App to view and send/share data directly from your smart phone

Use data corrections to reject or correct measurement data
  • Reject or accept provisional data
  • Enter correct value for individual measurements
  • Apply offset to multiple measurement values